2 Arne Hasle 18" & 11" Elf/Troll Nisse Norway

This is for 2 Arne Hasle Latex Elves or Trolls. The 18" Elf measures 28" at the tip of cap. He has latex body and red and black felt clothing. His red top has some braided trim with a metal closure at the neck opening. The red felt top has some fading to it. The black felt pants are vibrant black. The sole of his latex black shoes are incised Arne Hasle a/s. Norge Askim. His Latex back is also signed Arne Hasle askim. He has an impish grin with missing teeth. He has heavily white painted eyebrows. He also has a white beard and hair. There is no cracks or latex missing. On one red leg is some black dye from the shoes. The 11" Elf is also made of latex, felt and foam. He measures 19" at the tip of his cap. He has a laughing latex face with closed eyes. His red felt jacket is very vibrant. The jacket has metal buttons. He has a white cloth shirt. He has vibrant black felt pants. They both have green yarn tied at the top of their shoes. He has white hair and beard. He is signed on one shoe Arne Hasle Askim. The other shoe is signed Arne Hasle Norge. There are no cracks or missing Latex.