1/2 bushel potato basket by Mary Sanipass; Micmac

This is a potato basket - a form of basket made by MicMac Native American basketmakers here in Maine to be used in the potato harvest - primarily in Aroostook County. Potatoes are a major part of the economy there and potato farmers turned to their MicMac neighbors to supply them with this essential tool for the harvest. This is a 1/2 bushal basket, while most harvesters would use a bushel basket, this smaller size was made for use by children and elderly. Mary Sanipass makes a rugged yet attractive potato basekt. She makes it the traditional way using a strip of ash splint to affix the rim to the basket (lesser quality baskets today have rims that are nailed or even stapled) This basket is 13" in diameter, stands 7.5" high to the rim of the basket and 13" to the top of the handle (notice the thicker part of the handle at the center of the basket- beautifully balanced, a pleasure to carry!) The proportions are perfect and balanced. It is a nice looking basket - so if you choose not to use this take shopping or harvest your potatoes or garden - you can set it on a mantle or a shelf and fill it with dried lavender or balls of yarn or... numerous other decorative items. See slideshow above ... picture with standard size paperback book gives good size perspective.
Utilitarian market baskets such as this one were made by all tribes
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