2- Chokin Eternal Wishes of Good Fortune Plates

My Mother's Plates

Welcome to My Mother's Plates. My mom collected plates from the mid seventies to the early ninties--mostly plates related to children because they reminded her of her grandchild, but t are also movie, asian, animal, nature, holidays and americana themed plates as well. My mom is gone now and the plates are being sold. The majority of her plates have been stored in their original boxes. She took them out to look at them and then return them to the box. She removed some of the plastic coverings they were in and a few of the COA's are missing. Some were displayed for a short time. I have noted that in their respective descriptions. I would love to be able to keep all these but I just don't have the room. Pricing for the plates was established using the "Collectibles, Market Guide and Price Index" as well as other online sources. My prices are usually under what the current market value is but above the garage sale price.

Please take a look at this plate and if, you would like to see more of her collection, please visit my store. Check out my other items ! Thank you for looking!

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2- Chokin Plates

Chokin is the ancient Japanese art of engraving copper and gliding it with 24K gold and silver.This art dates back to the 12th century

Plate: Friendship and Purity
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