Offered are two different scarce Japanese Phrase Books which were produced as Technical Manuals of the U.S. War Department for use by U.S. Army and Navy personnel during World War II. The two books are organized differently and have major differences in their specific contents. The first book is Japanese Phrase Book, Restricted Technical Manual (TM 30-275), 261-page softcover in very good condition (t was no hardcover edition), published by the War Department on April 15, 1943. The second book is Japanese Phrase Book, Restricted Technical Manual (TM 30-641), 183-page softcover in very good condition, with the usual rusted staples and minor wear, and with a few pages very slightly curled at the corner tip, published by the War Department on February 28, 1944. During the war, military regulations generally prohibited these manuals from being shown to anyone who was not actively involved in work on behalf of the U.S. Government. The manuals, in addition to being scarce military collectibles, are useful materials for anyone interested in learning a bit of the Japanese language.. -- Please note the other books which I am now in the process of listing on ebay, including an ultra-rare World War II guide to the Ryukyu Islands . Payment must be made by Paypal instant transfer, or by mailing of a U.S. Postal Service money order, within two ... read more