2 Dressel & Kister Medieval Ladies Figurines Blue Marks

Two Exquisite Antique Figurines Ladies Admiring Jewelry

This listing is for a pair of exquisite porcelain figurines. I do not know the manufacturer, but have taken clear photos of the markings. I believe these may be German, and possibly Dresden origin. Another Ebayer has told me these may be Dressel and Kister. Please examine the photos.

The figurines are not perfect. The lady in blue has a repaired neck and hand. The lady in red has something broken off of the gold jewelry item she is holding. Still, these are exquisitely styled and entirely hand painted.

The figurines are fairly large - 9 3/4 inches tall. Each stands on a step style base. In their earlier lives they were displayed on wooden pedestals and the bottom edges of their bases were glued to the wood, so t is some glue residue on the bottom edges of the bases.

On the woman in blue gown, the markings consist of a letter that looks like a cursive mark in blue. T is also the letter "R" incised into the base and a number in pencil that looks like "4659" or "4639".

The mark on the lady in burgundy gown is a cursive letter "L" with a spiked crown over that. The blue marks on both pieces look hand drawn, not stamped.

I found these lovely figurines at auction. T are many photos , please be patient if they take a little while to load.

Thanks for looking. No reserve. I prefer Paypal, and plan to double box these for shipping.

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Additonal info from another Ebayer on the Ebay Discussion Board : Figurine with the "L" mark is Lenck. "Lenck was the successor of DKC and introduced that L-mark. ... The business was founded by Karl Hagen in Passau itself; he was a decorator that later opened his own factory. That was then taken over by J.G. Kumpf and moved to the Eggendobl Palais in Passau-Rosenau. 1854 the lot was sold to Dressel, Kister & Co who in turn sold it to Lenck in 1900 ..."

Potential buyers, please review the photos and make your own determination about the exact manufacturer of these figurines, as I am not an expert!

Latest Update - 1/17/2008 3:25 PM EST: Some great information was shared with me by Sharon Hope Weintraub - author of Naughties, Nudies and Bathing Beauties (Hobby House Pr Inc), and Bawdy Bisques and Naughty Novelties: German Bathing Beauties and Their Risque Kin (Schiffer Publishing). In her reference materials, she located a catolog which pictures these figurines. Copies of the photos from that catalog are posted below.

Thank you again, Sharon.

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