#2 FARSCAPE Robot Prop Replica DRD DROID Studio Scale!!

Set 2 of 2

For auction is a FARSCAPE DRD in KIT form. Please read the description carefully. The DRD is coming to you in KIT FORM (see the photos of the white parts). All pieces are untrimmed and will require sanding, trimming with a dremel, assembly, painting, detailing etc..

The photos of the finished model demonstrate what the robot looks like when completed.

The DRD kit includes:

The main body shell (hollow cast fiberglass re-enforced urethane resin) The claw (2 parts - resin cast) 2 eyes (resin cast) 2 eye lenses the tubing for the eyestalks and claw stalk The aluminum rod I used to armature the eyes and claw are not included (simply use a wire hanger).

Electronics are also not included with this kit. Contact me after auction for an LED kit to light the eyes.

T is a tutorial for the build-up : /drdpage1.html/

Shipping in the U.S. is $15

Overseas shipping is $50

Good luck!!