NATURAL GOLD NUGGETS 1.2 grams of gold lot # F053
The picture you see is the exact gold you are bidding on. picture is a close up and no fancy magnification camera. no the dime and ruler are not included.
Gold Weight:we use the same scale calibrated after each item, on the one thousands we take the lowest weight reading there will be differences on the one thousands from scale to scale. There is no refund if the one thousands is off, and no refund if your scale has no one thousands and one hundreds have rounded down. I am just trying to be fair and if you have a scale you know what we mean. Thank you.
Compare the weight in grams or ounces of the nugget to the current spot price of gold. (There are31.1 grams per troy oz). Nuggets do fetch more than raw melted gold due to its rarity in nugget form. Remember, gold weight is most often listed in troy and metric values. The weight of gold can be measured in troy ounces, grams, or in penny weight. See chart below.
Key weights to keep in mind:
1 oz. (troy) = 31.10 g (31.1 grams)
1 oz. (troy) = 20 dwt (20 penny weight)
1.55 grams = 1 dwt (1 penny weight)
1.0 grams = 15.43 gr (15.43 grains)
Gold nuggets are valued differently than raw gold and gold in coin form. When evaluating natural gold consider several factors. Gold may be valued on: weight,
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