2 Handwritten Letters Manuscripts Hamilton MA Toronto

T are two handwritten 1850âe(tm)s letters in this lot. I purchased them together but have no idea if they are related in anyway. The earliest letter consists of 2 pages and written by a son, John Cameroe or maybe Cameron, to his father. It seems John is living in Toronto and is staying at a boarding house in the city. In part the letter readsâe¦..

"Toronto July 31 st , 1853

Dear Father,

I received your letter and was glad to hear from youâe¦âe¦âe¦..I am still in the same boarding house. I like it well. It is comfortable. I am the only mechanic in it, all the others are clerks and some of them students. They are quite respectable lot altogether. The young man that is in the same room with me, he is in a druggist store in King Street. He has got very long hours from half past 6 o'clock to 9 at night so I may say that I have got the room all to myself. I pay 12.6 per week for board and washing which is very reasonable. My employer who has got the cabinet work by the job is a first rate fellowâe¦âe¦.I have not had a good sing in Toronto yet. I donâe(tm)t belong to any choir. I went to the opening of St. Frances Cathedral to hear the large Organ that was built in Montreal. I sometimes go to the Methodist Chapel in the eveningsâe¦..I like Toronto very well, it is a very quiet placeâe¦âe¦I remain you affectionate
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