2 Hawkbill Knives, Ipaya, Queen City

You are bidding on 2 Knives.

The first knife is an "Ipaya" with "IBI" stamped under it name. The reverse of the blade is stamped "Made in Spain". This knife measures 4 1/4" closed, and 7" with the blade open. This is the upper knife in the picture.

The second knife is a "Queen City" with "TitusvillePA" below the name. Nothing is stamped on the reverse of the blade. Knife measures 4 1/4" closed, and 7" open.

Both knives have wooden handles. The Queen City knife has the tip gone, either broken and resharpened, or just sharpened so much that the tip is pretty much not t Two pretty nice pieces to add to your collection.

Thanks for looking, and Good Luck!