2 Ivory Stanhope Viewers Columbian Exposition Chicago

Marvelous pair of ivory Stanhope viewers from the 1893 Chicago Columbian Exposition (World's Fair).

I have no idea what these are worth. They were given to me by my grandmother 30 or 40 years ago! My great-grandmother gave them to her! They could be vegetable ivory or animal ivory - you all will have to decide based on the pics and your knowledge of these items. I do know I have never seen these offered on ebay before - so they've got to be pretty hard to come by - unlike spoons, coins and tickets from the Exposition. Please note that one viewer has stress crack on bottom that goes through both sides (w you would hold it to look up at light). You can see the side with the deeper crack in pic - so it doesn't get any worse thatn that!!

The umbrella Stanhope has 6 different (one each) views of:

The Civil Service Palace, Machine Palace, ELectrical Palace, Traction Building, Fishing Building, and The Lagoon.

The other Stanhope (have no idea what it is called - sorry) has 3 views (one each) of:

The Electrical Building, The Lagoon and (Fisheries Building in background), and The Transportation Building.

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