2 Kosher Handwritten Mezuzah Mezuza Klaf Scroll


2.3" * 2.3"

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Kosher Mezuzah scroll Description:

size is 2.3 on 2.3 inch = 6 cm

This scroll was written in israel, it's kosher, beautiful, high quality Mezuzah Scroll .

It is a hand written mezuzah on parchment The expert scribe who wrote it,

The word klaf is Hebrew for the parchment which is found inside of a mezuzah.

The front side of the klaf contains two portions of scripture from the Bible,

The back of the parchmentcontains the Hebrew word Shadai which stands for "Shomer Delatot Yisrael or "Guard the Doors of Israel.

scanning technology

After the scribe carefully writes or inspects the scroll, the writing is double-checked for textual accuracy using computer scanning technology ,Glass. The computer scans the Mezuzah for textual errors and may catch something the scribe, who is only human, overlooked. This is an extra assurance of Kashrut
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