2 paper mache santas 3 bottle brush trees vintage mold

are two old fashiones shabby style paper mache Santas with 3 bottle brush trees I handcrafted the santas using a reproduction vintage molds.I believe the molds were from the early 1900 hundreds.The first step in making these Santas was to hand press (not poured) a paper mache like mixture into the chocolate mold. Once the piece air dries it becomes rock solid..Because of this process the surface may have some imperfections such as small air holes from air bubbles and may not be perfectly smooth.This gives each piece its own handcrafted charm.

I painted the santas then glittered them using an ultra-fine glitter.They sparkle so much better in person.The tallest light pink suited one is 9" tall.He is holding a reproduction Frenc Vanilla tree with light pastel mint plastic beads glued in.The other 2 white trees have the same beads as well.

The other light blue suited one is 6" tall.He is holding a green bottle brush tree.This type of santa is refered as a "hands in the muff".I have seen many molds in that style.They both have a wired tinsel garland around the edge of their hoods.

The 3 trees that are included are reproduction bottle brush trees .The tallest white one is 6" tall and the smallest blue and white ones are 4" tall.

I signed and dated the bottoms of each Santa.On the blue Santas bottom I
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