2.2 Scale Trail Truck Crawler KOMODO XL 2.4GHZ RTR CNC Metal Chassis Axles

This Listing is for a brand New Unrun in the Box, 2.2 Komodo XL

which features common componentry for easy interchangeability and upgradeability as well as ease of adaptability to other vehicles. For exmaple our axles will fit many other vehicles such as the Tamiya High Lift series, Axial AX10, HPI Wheelie King, as well as almost any other vehicles that uses a separate axle design.

Ax les are a realistic looking, string metal design with solid construction for added weight and durability. They feature 4 gear differential for maximum strength and power transfer. Also included are locking pins to lock the differential for extra traction when needed. The axle features multiple mounting points that can accommodate leaf springs as well as a multitude of link attachments. At the ends of the axle there are simulated brake drums that can be modified to look like disk brakes. The drive hexes incorporate a set screw that holds them on the axle when wheel is not attached. Full ball bearings are included with each axle. A CNC cut steel ring and pinion gear are the heart of this durable and rigid axle. Like the rest of the parts on these vehicles these axles lend themselves to the custom builder because of their flexibility of installation and extreme quality.

2.2 Aluminum metal True Beadlock Wheels

The All
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