(2) Two-Handed Korean Darb Daab Swords Carved Scabbards

Set of 2 Matching Two-Handed Korean Darb Daab Dha Swords with Detailed Carved Wood Scabbards
This is an estate item from a WW2 and Korean War Veteran. The gentleman was in Korea in the 1950s. This auction is for two matching Swords.
Thanks to two great ebayers, I now have details on these two swords.
History on Swords (from Korean Ebayer and matches story from Estate Family) - The wood is the national wood of Korea. The flower engravement is also the national flower. The design is that of dragon scales such as the original armored ships and armor worn by Korean soldiers. Also the sword shape is for Shaman worship. The original sword dance originates in Korea. These swords and sayas were made in South Korea by hand. This ebayer also owns one of the same.
Both Swords are in Great or Exceptional Hand Carved Condition. Due to hand carved, t are slight differences on both. I am not a sword or knife guy and know almost nothing except what the family shared with me. The overall length of the 2 swords in the scabbard are about 39 inches. The blades are about 22 ½ inches long. The blade seems fairly sharp toward the point, but I don't know how to evaluate. The blades and copper trim are marked in several places with characters or language. See photos. The beautiful carvings on the sheaths and handles are very deep and
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