2 Underberg Tall Fluted Glasses (German Digestif)

Two new Underberg glasses. Underberg is a 'digestif' that is intended to be taken after a filling meal to aid in the digestion of your food.
These glasses were designed by the founder of Underberg in 1867 originally for display at that year's World's Fair. They are hand blown and intended to be part of a table setting.
Each glass is 9.5" tall (so that it "stands above all other table glasses making it the crowning glory of an elegant table setting" according to the website). The base is slightly under 3" in diameter with a solid glass stem up to the tulip glass. The Underberg logo is discretely etched on the base.
While I can't personally recommend it as a digestif, the glasses are quite stunning and would be perfect for a small sip of soup, amuse-bouche, or one-ounce cocktail.