2 Vintage IPF GERMANY Porcelain Demitasse Spoon Holders

Vintage IPF GERMANY demitasse spoon holders come two to the lot, and they're made from a white hard paste porcelain like material and have all of their detail molded in. They're rectangular in shape and feature a sunken center well with steep sides all around, 1 1/4" tall, 7 1/4" long, and 4" wide. T's a handle at one end, and at the other is a blown out like embossing of a flower, looks like some of the fancier bowls made by RS Prussia or the like. The edge is scalloped and uneven, and has leaves and scrolls and is airbrushed in different colors with gold accents. One of them is a lavender and flesh color, while the other is more purple and green, and each of them has two spoon outlines on the bottom in small beads that are then accented with gold. I don't know if these had an official name for the piece, I don't know if they were used with like a tea service, or if they would rest on a buffet at meal time. They're marked on the bottom with a black inkstamp that's a combination of two triangles with 'IPF' in the middle, and 'Germany' underneath, and that should date them to before WWII, how much before I don't know. I can find one pinhead size nick to the very tip of one of the cut out scrolls along the upper edge of one holder, otherwise the pair is mint, and you are bidding on the pair. They should make a nice little addition ... read more