2 Vintage Sterling 800 Silver Electric Lamp Bases

You are bidding on 2 electric lamp bases made out of 800 silver. I found these lamps at an estate sale which had quite a few vintage items from Italy. As you can see, I have started to clean one of the lamps, but will leave to the buyer to finish cleaning it and the other, wider lamp. I found the "800" marking at the hole of the first lamp w the wire must have been. The other lamp has a small rubber circle over the hole so I'm not able to see the mark, but both these lamps are almost identical in the metal type. They clean up beautifully. Both measure approximately 5 1/2", with the wider one being approximately 2 1/2" wide. Both were adapted for wiring but I do not know if either will work once rewired. The skinnier one is wobbly as its three pieces easily separate. The wider one appears to have its three pieces firmly in place. Each has dents, but still in wonderful condition and will shine up beautifully. Perhaps someone out t can rewire them or give them a glass covering. Please email if you have any questions. Winning bidder to pay for priority shipping and handling.