2 - WP LA BELLE China 13" Platters / Plates VERY OLD!

2 Rose Pattern WP La Belle 13" Platters / Plates with gold trim
These 2 great vintage pieces are very old and even harder to find.
I was told these platters are over 100 years old.
1 platter is in better shape than the other, but they still hold their beauty.
One platter is in good condition, very little dis colorization and the normal amount of crazing on a piece this old.
The other one is does have a lot of crazing and some dis colorization. The dis coloring is not as dark as it looks in the photo. It is more on the creme side in color. It also has one hair line crack toward the outside edge.
Given the condition of these pieces, the patterns on the front are in good shape and are still very beautiful pieces. The pictures don't do them justice. Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail. These pieces are very heavy. If you have any questions about these platters please feel free to ask. All Sales are final. Thanks for looking!