20,000 Leagues Under the Sea-Nautilus Submarine Model

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea - Nautilus

Pro/Engineer Models and Drawing

Within the last 20 years computer ** " Solid Modeling" technology has been created and developed to a point w most everything in life today isn't unaffected by it in some manner.

This incredible tool is now a fundamental part of today's design and manufacturing processes, supplanting the drawing board and earlier generation CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems. Solid modeling is currently used in the design and manufacture of almost every conceivable product ranging from mega-powerful warships to medical implants, from automobiles to the latest jetliners, from farming equipment to cellular phones.

** Solid Modeling:

" The creation of computer models in which "complete" definitions of physical objects are created. Resulting 3D models are based on solids and parameters rather than geometry only. "

This rendition of the submarine Nautilus from Disney's magnificent 1954 motion picture classic has been derived from a series of solid models created by our expert team of Core Modelers and is offered exclusively on Ebay at this time. C reated in the modern manner of solid modeling using Parametric Technology Corporation's Pro/ENGINEER © (Pro/E) design software - the preeminent solid modeling software package:

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