20 Airtite Coin Holders Black Ring 2010 US Silver Eagle

Twenty (20) Airtite Black Ring Coin Holders

Suitable for all US American Silver Eagles 1986 - 200 9

Protect your coins from environmental and handling damage.

Airtite's are made from Acrylic with a non-yellowing Agent .

Contains no PVC that may harm your coins.

Extremely hard, durable, scratch resistant, and crystal clear.

Excellent for long-term storage.

Two piece construction that seals and re-seals.

Black foam rings are harmless to your coins and make a beautiful coin really stand out!

Made in the USA

Winning bidder please include $3.95 for shipping/handling charges.

California residents please add 8.25%

You'll receive one set of twenty (20) coin holders.


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