20 Cup Coffee Urn / "UNITED Metal Goods

This is a really great coffee Urn. Great for a party or family gathering. Ideal to impress your friends or family as well as letting them know how special they really are to you. Barely used includes ground holder as well as cord. A 20 cup capicty. Belonged to by great aunt handed down to me by her 15 yrs. ago . I'kept it packed away. She entertained in her younger years however ,as she aged she didn't see anyone but family. My children tell me their memories are in their hearts and pictures . That way their homes aren't full of things to be left for someone to get rid off. Thanks For Looking ! If You Bid Good Luck!

"United Metal Goods" /UNITED(SA) 550W.-115V> cat.NO.840A. United Metal Goods, Brooklyn,NY