This auction listing is for 20 Franklin half dollars, 90% silver content, and will ship to you as each coin in its own small brown paper coin envelope. The list of coins is as follows: 1)1960 D, 2)1961 P, 5)1961 D, 4)1962 D, 3) 1962 D, 2)1963 P and 3)1963 D. I listed them in the order of how they appear in rows going from left to right. The first row containing the 1) 1960 D, the next row down containing the 2) 1961 P and so forth, from top to bottom in the first and featured image.
This is a good deal! Fill in some of your slots of your collection, keep the rest for investment or resell. With silver prices rising almost weekly, what will they be next week of next year?
These coins have a melt value of roughly $13.49 each, as of March 25, 2011 5:15 PM EST, Silver $37.32/oz (up 15 cents). Reference: .