20 Homemade mixes for your Easy Bake or Easy Bake Ultimate oven + $2 off coupon

Little Baker's Shoppe Presents...

Mini Mixes for Mini Moms,

the 1st homemade Easy Bake oven mixes on Ebay.

This Auction is for a set of 20 mixes of your choice

+ a $2.00 coupon off your next order of 12 mixes.

As a mother of 5, I have always tried to give my children homemade treats. In 2001, I tried my hand at homemade Easy Bake oven mixes for my own kids. My kids loved them, so in 2009 I started selling them locally and on ebay. They have been a big hit! But don't take my word for it...read my feedback dating back to 2009. Li'l Bakers and Mommies alike have great things to say about Mini Mixes for Mini Moms.

Some things you need to know about my mixes:

1. They are made with natural ingredients, flour, sugar, cocoa, etc, so you can feel great about letting your kids make these special treats.

2.Each Cake mix makes 2 Easy Bake Oven cakes or 12 Easy Bake Ultimate Oven cupcakes.

3. Each cookie mix makes 12-15 delicious little cookies.

4. My mixes are made daily and shipped within 24 hours of payment, whenever possible.

5. Mini Mixes are less expensive than the store bought ones and they taste better, too!

6. All you add to the mixes is 1-2 ingredients like milk, shortening, etc

7. You get to choose the mixes you want. Just include
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