1/20 Ma.K. SF3D Maschinen Krieger WF Raptor "Neusance" original design!

1/20 Ma.K. SF3D Maschinen Krieger Wonderfest one-day-only resin set. This is a complete package, consisting of a Model Kasten Raptor release (with Wave and Nitto parts), as well as Operation Super Hammer's "Neusance" Raptor conversion parts. This will let you make the alternate Raptor that Kow Yokoyama built as seen in Model Graphix/books. This variation has an exposed engine and different arms and legs, with clenched fist. Note: the box has writing on the side (so I knew the box had the WF parts inside), I apparently started the model for you, and it is missing one decal on the sheet. Impossible to get! You will pay actual shipping costs - I do not add money to what I pay USPS for the postage.