1/20 Ma.K. SF3D Maschinen Krieger WF Chaika

1/20 Ma.K. SF3D Maschinen Krieger Wonderfest one-day-only resin set. This is a stellar model that we sold, mastered by John on the boards. One of the first instances of the international MaK community being included in the Japanese MaK WF scene - very cool. Gorgeous model of a rare SF3D design. Comes with some extra decal sheets I must have had spares of, a lasercut "heads up display"for the AFS (you will need to buy a Nitto AFS, or maybe the Wave - unconfirmed that a Wave model will fit). There are a few reposed AFS components that were made for the kit, and are included of course. Comes with amazing instructions produced by Futch, and camo card too! Rare from the mid 2000s! You will pay actual shipping costs - I do not add money to what I pay USPS for the postage.