We are pleased to offer these 21 meteorite specimens, each about 22mm square and encased in clear resin to preserve it. Included is a bonus tile with a specimen of Dronino iron meteorite from Russia; adjacent to it, as shown in the photos, are 5 tiles each of (as shown top to bottom in the first photo): Campo del Cielo iron meteorite, Argentina, Nantan (iron, China), NWA 869 (stony, Algeria) and Ghubara (stony, Oman). On the back of each tile is a label (2nd photo). Scale in the photos is in cm. Thicknesses of the tiles vary. An interesting feature with this set is that the tops of some of the specimens are actually exposed above the level of the resin. The corners of the tiles were not ground down and so are a bit pointy, so be careful when handling.

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