20 Military patches WWI-WW2- Vietnam- present

This is a group of old Military patches from a large collection. I do not know anything about military patches but will do my best to answer all questions to the best of my ability. Some seem to be quite old and are kind of floppy though a couple are stiff and may be newer. Thanks, and please see pictures- maybe the one you are looking for is in this auction!

The labels read as follows

commications specialist, alaska support command, maneuver center of excellence, 2nd support brigade, chaplain center, combat leadership trainee, computer systems command, MP center, 72nd infantry brigade, 219th battlefield surveillance, european civil affairs, ord signal corp, 187th rct airborne, 460th chemical brigade, 201st MI brigade, 404th support brigade, 300th sustainment brigade, sapper rocker, 428th artillary brigade