20 Original Panel Cartoons Comic Art by Jo Fischer Chicago Syndicated Artist

20 Original Panel Cartoons Comic Art by Jo Fischer - “From 9 to 5” - Chicago Sun-Times Syndicated Artist

Great for a housewarming gift, office gift exchange, or to decorate a home office or cubicle.

This is the original pen and ink artwork submitted to the newspaper with all markings, changes and alterations done by the artist.

This is not a copy or a print. I acquired this work shortly after his death in 1987.

The cartoons are in various conditions from good to excellent.

You are buying the entire lot of 20 for one price.

This lot represents several eras of Jo’s work. Jo's syndicated cartoons ran from the 1940's to the 1970's

You can see some of the changes the artist made to the apparel and some of the objects in the cartoon if you look carefully.

Jo was certainly a “fashionista” of his day as he always made sure his ladies were wearing the latest of fashions.

He certainly captured the funny work-a-day activities of his entire gang of characters in each of his daily (Monday -Friday) cartoon panels in his over 30 years of drawing “From 9 to 5”.

Study the pictures and if you have any questions please ask before bidding.

Jo Fischer 1900 - 1987

Jo Fischer was born in Chicago and was the brother of Leo and Maurice “Ritz”Fischer,
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