20 -1 oz. Golden State Mint .999 SILVER rounds GSM

NO International shipping on bullion -that includes Canada folks!

The ever elusive, incredibly hard to find 1 oz SILVER rounds. I have searched many months to find this size and finally an able to offer these brand new beauties!

This listing is for 1 roll/ tube of 20 brand newly manufactured 1 Troy oz. GOLDEN STATE MINT (GSM) 'Prospector' .999 Silver Rounds for a total of 20 oz. of silver rounds. These rounds are just gorgeous with a great eye appeal as they were freshly made.

The winning bidder will receive the 20 rounds in a clear-white style squared tube with a piece of tape over the top to ensure a safe travel to you and that you don't have 20 round pick up after opening the package. If you don't like the tape then take it off. It is for shipping/storage purposes. It may sound unusual to read this, but I have received a few questions recently as it seems the precious metals market place is picking more buyers these days and not everyone understands the concept of what you are getting or why things are done the way they are. I'm just trying to manage the expectations

Rounds and bars offer the silver collector a way to accumulate more silver for the money compared to buying Silver Eagles. The premium above spot that we all pay is lower and thus these can be acquired for 10% or more lower cost
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