T are 20 pieces of this lovely old set of dinnerware.3 coffee cups 4 6inch cup saucers,4- 6 1/2 inch desert plates, 3 desert bowls-5 1/2 inches across and1 1/2 inch deep.4-9 inch dinner plates, 1 11 3/4 by9 1/2 inch serving platter, Now most of these pieces have a chip but the gold edges are for the most part intact and the chips only show from the back. so they still make a lovely display in the china cupboard. Now for the one piece I thought to list separately The 9 inch serving bowl, I recently saw this same bowl sold at auction all by itself for 35.00 This bowl is 9 inches across the rim and 3 inches deep. T are no chips cracks or crazing on this bowl and the gold edge is very bright with only slight wearI don't see any cracks in anyof these pieces The cup saucers are chip free and in excellent shape1 coffee cup is chip free and perfectbut as I said most pieces have a chip or 2 on the backside but they look awful pretty in the china cupboard as a display of fine old Homer Laughlin china.