20" BEAUTIFUL Realistic Reborn Baby Girl Ashlynn

Hello and Welcome to My Ebay Auction!
I'd like to introduce you to a baby which was just finished this week to be in my personal collection, though due to some circumstances I must drastically reduce my collection for the time being. This baby girl (or boy if new mommy chooses) is brand new and is so lovely, please be sure to view all photos.
Ashlynn is 20" long and weighs a bit over 4 lbs. She has gorgeous detailed 3/4 arms, and 3/4 little leggies!
Her skintone is so beautifully stunning you would think she was real. From her beautiful blue undertones, tiny little nail tips, her tiny little milk blister on her little lip from sucking her bottle. She is absolutely perfect!
Baby Ashlynn has a full head of medium brown very silky soft mohair so her new mommy can put her hair into little ribbons and bows :)
Little Ashlynn looked to me like an adorable baby girl so I dressed her as such, but if her new mommy prefers I would be more than happy to dress her as a boy if you would like a boy instead :)
Ashlynn will come to her new home with her outfit shown in photos, her diaper, headband and her magnetic pacifier (Please take great care around medical equipment such as pacemakers).
If you have any questions, please ask!
Thank you so much for viewing! Have a great weekend!