200 Feet of 200 Pound Test Tubular KEVLAR Shock Cord

200 Feet of 200 pound test Kevlar
200 Pound Test (Minimum) Kevlar Shock Cord
Meets MILITARY Specifications
Tested by a government certified machine for tensile strength!
Factory Fresh not SECONDS! Produced in 2009
Color: Natural Kevlar Yellow
Construction: Braided Tubular
Width: 0.051 inches
Thickness: 0.024 inches
This Kevlar costs about 50% LESS than our competitions Kevlar of the same rating. It is cheap enough to be used in every rocket you build!
USES: Used for model rocket shock cord, replace elastic or bungee type cords.
High strength - 200 + pounds and Heat Resistance to 1400 Degrees makes this a perfect rocketry shock cord.
Due to the fact t is very little stretch in this Kevlar we suggest using a long section as your shock cord mounts will be under a greater amount of stress. We suggest mounting this cord to an engine mount centering ring or an additional upper centering ring.
This cord is designed for even small Estes / Quest type model rockets. On small Estes / Quest rockets we suggest you use 5 to 10 feet of this recovery shock cord. Please keep in mind this cord is inexpensive, why ruin a rocket because you wanted to save a dollar on shock cord. If you have a payload section or your rocket breaks in the center we suggest you use a bit longer section
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