200 Foot Turbo-Jet Skybow Rotary Arch Kite (WHITE).

Go Ahead and Give it a Whirl!

Feel The Power of The Wind,

Hear the Incredible Sound of The Skybow...

As You Watch it Twist in The Breeze at Over 10,000 RPM's.

Be The First To Have One...

In a Color Never Before Offered...

Solid White!

Photos Below Are of 2 Seperate 60M/200' Skybow Units.

The Original WindMueller

Turbo-Jet Skybow Rotary Arch Kite

Defies Both Gravity And Logic As It Dances Magically In The Air,

When Exposed To The Invisible Energy Of The Wind.

It Creates More Lift Per Pack Volume, Area and Weight...

Then Any Other Aerodynamic Device Known To Man.

It Will Surely Add Value & Fun To All Your

Outdoor Activities For Years To Come.

Skybow Information

Finally!! After 16 Years of Research, 7 Miles of Ribbon, 100's of Variations of Materials and Swivel Systems, we have sorted out All The Best... To bring to you the Ultimate in Skybow Design and Performance. Introducing The Original WindMueller Turbo-Jet Skybow!!! The complete system was developed and is manufactured at the WindMueller Aerology Laboratory (Based in Boca Raton Florida since 1991). The NEW Basic Skybow Unit is NOW comprised of 1 Continuous 200' Section of Rip-Stop Airfoil Ribbon, which translates into a Top
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