200 lb. AJAX TRENTON Blacksmith Anvil W Nice Long Heel

Matchlessantiques is offering collectors and smiths this Beautiful AJAX TRENTON Blacksmith Anvil. This anvil features a long horn and heel. T are some use marks on this anvil's horn and face. The edges are clean. One edge has a slight factory defect in it that doesn't affect its use. Postman's book states that Trenton anvils that weren't perfect were sometimes marked with the name AJAX and sometimes right over the original Trenton Trademark (as is in this case). See page 355 in Anvils In America. Pictures say a thousand words, so please, take a real close look. This is a ONE DAY AUCTION.

According to Richard Postman's book, Anvils In America, Trenton anvils were made by The Columbus Forge & Iron Company of Columbus, Ohio. They began production in the U.S. in 1898 and continued forging anvils until 1953. This anvil's trademark is faint but recognizable. It has the weight mark, "200" and serial number, "174689", marked on the front foot. Trenton anvils were made of solid wrought iron with a cast steel base. They were faced with a Swedish Tool Steel plate when available. The company advertised their anvils to have a superior shape, perfectly ground faces, straight holes, long pointed horns, long hard faces and tails, tempered edges to prevent chipping and a good clear ring. According to the serial number this anvil was
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