2000 G1 Transformers Black Optimus Prime Convoy Jafcon exclusive MISB AFA 85 !!

Here it is- I didn't think I would ever sell this, but here goes... �

Here is a RARE Jafcon exclusive Black G1 Optimus Prime (Convoy) in MINT in a factory sealed box sealed into a beautiful AFA acrylic collector's case. This has been graded a superb 85 by AFA with subgrades of B85 W85 F90 !! This figure was available ONLY in Japan at the Jafcon convention in 2000. �

I've had this item in my personal collection for a while, and I absolutely hate to part with it. � Item is a beautiful piece and is in immaculate condition. I am offering it at a price less than ANY other graded Jafcon Prime on ebay- even though this one has the best grades. �

Everything about him is Black-- even the trailer and the roller. I included pics above of one that had been opened, to show the toy inside. However, this one has NEVER been opened and is in MINT (untouched) condition. �

Stored in a smoke free, temperature controlled room. � As you can see in the pics, I only handle the case with white cotton gloves so as not to cause fingerprints or scratches. �

AFA grading can be an expensive and drawn out process- by buying an already graded item, all the work has been done for you!! You get a piece that you know is in amazing condition and will be protected from damage for life!! �

I will be happy to ship
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