2000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady Auto BGS 9.5 w 10 Auto & 9.5 Corners! POP 15!

2000 Tom Brady Playoff Contenders #144
BGS 9.5 Gem MT!
with 9.5 Corners! (Never Seen!)
According to the BGS and PSA population reports:BGS 9.5 Population: 15 of 630: 2.4% graded are Gem MT. There are no BGS 10s!PSA 10 Population: 14 of 143: 9.8 % graded are Gem MT.
Just by looking at the statistics, one can easily see that a BGS 9.5 is a much tougher grade that a PSA 10! And this BGS 9.5 has 9.5 corners! None of the others sold in the past couple years on ebay that I have seen had 9.5 corners.
As many may have questions about whether or not I own this card, I have posted a picture of the display case that hangs on a wall in my home that includes a handful of other cards that I am currently selling on eBay. I would be happy to send more pictures upon request. The winner of this auction will only win theTom Brady card (not then entire display case of cards).
Card will be sent by USPS Priority Mail!