2000 4 Troy Oz $1 M Dollar 0.999 SILVER Proof Bar+Gold

2000 4 Troy Oz $1 M Dollar 0.999 SILVER Proof Bar+Gold


2000 Million Dollar Golden Proof Bar 0.999 Silver with 24 Karat Gold Layered

This bar is the size of a United States Federal Reserve Note but is much heavier and thicker. It was struck in proof condition by the Washington Mint. Lots of detail. It is of course a prototype of what a million dollar bill could look like if such a high denomination bill was ever needed.

Composition: .999 Pure Silver Layered in Pure 24 Karat Gold
Weight One Quarter-Pound (4 oz. Troy)
Condition: Proof
Size: 6 inches by 2 & 1/2 inches
Design: Statue of Liberty
Mintage Limit: 25,000

The bar has a beautiful mirrored proof finish.

This item has a teal green plush velvet case with "The Washington Mint" lettered in gold on the satin upper portion. The bar itself is enclosed in a plastic outer casing allowing for a full view on both sides. (T is very slight toning on the outermost edge of the bar).

It is accompanied by a numbered (#1868) COA (T are two for auction. This one has the #1868 COA).

The case is further enclosed in an outer white protective sleeve, stamped with "2000 $1 Million Proof".

Interesting item, extraordinary detail.

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