2001 "Frosted Ring" 1 Oz Silver Panda - 500k Mintage - Flawless - Double Sealed

All photography is original, altered in lighting and angle for clarity and contrast.
2001 "small date" "frosted ring" Chinese Panda. 1 Troy Oz .999 silver. This is Perfect Uncirculated, using the Sheldon scale descriptions. That's about third highest if using the numerical scale. The coin is in the original double seal; any apparent flaws are on the plastic seal or on the interior holder. I can't see any thing on the coin at all that can be described as a mark. This is a "frosted ring," some years carry mirrored rings around the temple. High reflectivity. Very pleasing eye-appeal.
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American Numismatic Society #12593

American Numismatic Association #3121760

International Association of Silver Art Collectors #707

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