2001 U.S.Mint American Buffalo Commerative Silver Dollar Uncirculated

2001 American Buffalo U.S. Comm Silver Dollar Uncirculated

Completely sold out at the US Mint in TWO weks!

Despite the large mintage of half a million 2001 Buffalo Dollars being produced, the U.S. Mint still managed to sell out every single coin within two weeks.

On June 7th, the U.S. Mint made the coins available to the public for the first time ever. Immediately, the U.S. Mint was flooded with phone calls. Collectors who were unable to get through the phone lines, would instead end up purchasing the coins in the aftermarket at a very high premium. On the same day in which the coins were released, customers with confirmed orders were already selling the coin and currency sets online, for as much as $200 each, and sometimes even more. These same sets could still be purchased from the U.S. Mint for $54.95 each!

While producing the 2001-D Buffalo Dollars, the U.S. Mint increased the tonnage pressure used to strike the coins. Unremarkably, the U.S. Mint also struck mint state coins three times each! Both these procedures would be very instrumental in portraying a beautiful and jaw dropping appearance on every single 2001 Buffalo Dollar that the U.S. Mint produced. Furthermore, mint state coins were also struck under 230 tons of striking pressure. This is a larger amount of pressure that is used to
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