2001 Space Odyssey BLUEPRINTS, USS Discovery floorplans, RARE

USS Discovery
(2001 A Space Odyssey)
Deck Plans /Blueprints
(c) 1965 MGM, (c) 1970 British Interplanetary Society
RARE? can not find any others on Ebay.
5 sheets, 18 x 36 inches .
Scale: exteriors 1 in. = 8 ft.
interiors 1 in. = 4 ft. Envelope is worn and yellowed with age.
Plans were improperly folded, so have xtra creases.
U-Grade-It Sold as UN-graded.
(so please take your CGC/OCD somewhere else)
Comes from a good dogma-free home.
Too big for my scanner, so scanned in pieces.
All scans and photos are of the actual item for sale.
Scans are b&w, actual bluprints are printed in blue.
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