2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY subway poster '68 Kubrick, art of space wheel by Bob McCall!

An Original Vintage Unfolded Subway Movie Poster (measures 45" x 60" [114 x 152 cm])
2001: A Space Odyssey, the classic 1968 Stanley Kubrick English/U.S. Cinerama futuristic science fiction outer space computer thriller starring William Sylvester, Gary Lockwood, and Keir Dullea (U.S.)
Condition: good to very good -- The poster had water staining in the top blank border, which only slightly extended into the artwork in a semi-circle at the right end of the top border (3" from the right end). You can see the staining on the back, but it is almost completely invisible on the front. Someone neatly trimmed that entire top blank border, which eliminated the water staining, but of course, there is now no border there. Other than that trimming and some faint stains in the right end of the bottom blank border, the poster is in really nice condition!