2003-04 Fleer PatchWorks Latrell Sprewell # 2 of 50 !!

I Love fleer Patchworks .

Exquisite may have been the "set of the year" in 03-04, but

My favorite Limited Edition cards of that year are Patchworks.

This one is # 02 of 50 !

Some of the Rarest

Latrell Sprewell basketball cards

Ev er Made are now available for purchase again!!

Right now, I own one of the premier

Latrell Sprewell card collections "in the world".

Not for long though!

I am selling many of my Most Rare Spree 's,

right on ebay,

w I bought most of them in the first place.

I still got much love for Spree .

I just need the money to buy a plane ticket

for my nephew to come visit me w I now live, in Hawaii .

It's awesome to see so many collectors are still into Spree !

Hells Ya! He's the man.

One of the top 10 all around players in the league since 92.

All the years he played anyway.

I check ebay almost daily for Spree cards.

It has been years since 03-04 Sprewell cards of this caliber have been on ebay.

Every once in a while t's a card #d to 25 that comes up for bid,

but the cards #d to10 or less are very very rare on ebay right now.

The people who own them are most likely keeping them.

Except for me!

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