This magnificent note comes from the famous low serial deuce group originally offered from the money factory as a lifetime opportunity for any collector or investor who can afford to own this exclusively rare note, to add value and historic appreciation to their collection or investment portfolio. Another history making piece is proudly presented from my collection, which stands for the best of the best that United States Paper Money has to offer. Everything about this note is spectacular, a must see and own. Truly a fantastic opportunity.

The United States two-dollar bill ($2) is a current denomination of U.S. currency. Former U.S. President Thomas Jefferson is featured on the obverse of the note. The design on the obverse (excluding the elements of a Federal Reserve Note ) is the oldest design of current U.S. currency, having been adopted in 1929. The reverse is the second oldest design, having been adopted in 1976. An engraved modified reproduction of the painting The Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull is featured on the reverse . Featuring John Adams and Thomas Jefferson , it is one of only two U.S. Currency notes that features two Presidents (the $5000 bill featured George Washington and James Madison ). Two state quarters also feature multiple presidents: the Illinois State Quarter ( George Washington and
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