2004 Babe Ruth Yankees Legends Monument Park SGA

HTF (Hard to Find) - One of three collectible figurines/statues. First series sponsored by Hormel. Limited number manufactured and given away at Yankee's Stadium to the first few fans as part of an at game give away.
Statue is of George Herman "Babe" Ruth . Figurine comes un-assembled in factory condition - baseball bat is taped to the base of the statue (see photo) so as not to get broken in transit.
Bottom of statue carries the inscription "Yankee Stadium, April 30, 2004" .
Box as seen in picture is in C8/9 condition (near-mint). Figurine is in C10 condition and only removed for photo.
The side of the box says the following: " The New York Yankees Legends Monument Park Collection is a tribute to the greatest Yankees baseball players and coaches of all time painstakingly created to capture the the likenesses of these favorite sports heroes. These collectible statues allow you to own a small piece of New York Yankees history."