This auction is for 4 certified autograph card from the 2004 Benchwarmer set! The cards are in Mt condition. Check out the scan! is what you will receive:

Kacey Bytheway in a Spiderman outfit

Tanea Brooks in a Superman outfit

Darcy Donavan as Wonder Woman

Lisa Ligon in a Police outfit

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Kacey Bytheway :

Self - filmography

1. Bench Warmer: Behind the Scenes (2005) (V) .... Herself

Kacey Bytheway, the luscious young Palm Springs morning news anchor who changed her professional name to Kacey Montoya for "security and safety reasons" and NOT to appear Hispanic, also goes by a third name.

According to ("An Experience in Erotica"), she's Kacey Aliece, a "Lustful and Curious Blonde" who "dreams of hosting a tabloid TV show such as Extra."

Kacey Aliece, according to the website (which sells her photos for $3.95 each), "looks like she loves teasing her viewers with her innocent, but naughty - schoolgirl sex appeal." Join her "as she mixes it up on the set with her titillating and erotic ensemble of near-nothing g-string and lingerie shots."

Kacey Montoya: CBS 2 Morning Anchor (her bio page)

Kacey was born in Orange County , but moved to Dallas , TX when she was eight years old w she spent
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