2004 Paul Cardew RED HAT SOCIETY 11 pc Tea Set TEA-TIME Porcelain MINT RARE

This is an 11 piece Red Hat Society tea set designed by Paul Cardew. . It consists of 4 cups (8 oz., 3 3/4" wide), 4 saucers (6 1/4" wide), lidded sugar bowl (4" tall with lid on) and creamer (3 1/2" tall). They are all in mint condition and have never been used, just placed in a china cabinet. They were made in England in 2004. The theme of this tea set is very interesting. When researching this tea set, I came upon this explanation:
What is the Red Hat Society?

The Red Hat Society is a growing “disorganization” of women who meet middle age with humor and enthusiasm. The inspiration behind the Society lies in the poem “Warning” by Jenny Joseph, about a woman who decides that when she grows old she shall wear purple with a red hat. A California woman named Sue Ellen Cooper, inspired by the poem, began giving vintage red hats with a copy of the poem as gifts to dear friends. The friends passed on more hats to their friends, and the soon the group found themselves going our to tea and lunch together dressed in their vintage red hats with purple dresses. Eventually the group became large enough to form a Society, with women proving there can be fun after fifty for women of all walks of life. (copied from the Red Hat Society info pages on the internet)

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