2004 Upper Deck US History United States 65 Chase Set

2004 Upper Deck History of the United States
65 total chase cards. These were inserted at random in the regular set of history cards. A rare and beautiful set to own. All cards are in excellent condition and have been kept in penny sleeves.
Documents, Monuments and Places
DMP1 Declaration of Independence
DMP2 The Articles of Confederation
DMP3 The U.S. Constitution
DMP4 Constitutional Amendments
DMP5 The Bill of Rights
DMP6 The White House
DMP7 U.S. Capitol Building
DMP8 The Supreme Court
DMP9 The Washington Monument
DMP10 The Lincoln Memorial
DMP11 The Thomas Jefferson Memorial
DMP12 Yosemite National Park
DMP13 Vietnam Veterans Memorial
DMP14 Korean War Veterans Memorial
DMP15 Mount Rushmore
The Greatest Moments in American History
GM1 The Boston Tea Party
GM2 Signing of the Declaration of Independence
GM3 The Battle of Saratoga
GM4 British Surrender at Yorktown
GM5 Ratification of the Articles of Confederation
GM6 Signing of the U.S. Constitution
GM7 Washington Takes Office
GM8 The Louisiana Purchase
GM9 Macdonough's Victory in the War of 1812
GM10 Major Armistead's Holding of Fort McHenry
GM11 Singing of the Treaty of Ghent
GM12 Jackson's Victory at New Orleans
GM13 Monroe Doctrine Established
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