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2005-06 In The Game Ultimate Memorabilia 6th Edition

The Tradition Lives On: In The Game Presents Ultimate Memorabilia 6th Edition

Ultimate Memorabilia has a built a strong following and tradition through innovation and creativity and In The Game is pleased to offer the 6th Edition of this landmark product in late May, 2006.

The sport of hockey has a strong historical tradition and Ultimate Memorabilia draws from the rich legacy of its players - past, present and future. Upon its initial release in 2000-01, Ultimate shook the very foundation of the hobby world and collectors everyw look forward to this product each year. In The Game has done its part to ensure that the brand stays fresh and innovative and that tradition continues to this day.

Ultimate Memorabilia has sold out each and every year and this year's production is limited to 2,500 boxes (12,500 packs). Each pack contains one game-used memorabilia card limited to 25 copies or less, an autograph card limited to 50 copies or less and a base set card limited to 45 copies or less. Every card is sealed in a special holder and features serial-numbering on the label.

In 2004-05, In The Game added a new component to Ultimate

One of the designs features a special tab that bears one of the letters that spells the words "Ultimate Memorabilia". In The Game has also announced that t will be a special redemption program for collectors rewarding those that collect the correct letters, In exchange for the cards, they will receive a complete pgame-used memorabilia item from a prominent player!

Autographs are one of the most popular features of Ultimate each year and In The Game has pushed the envelope even further with great new designs and concepts such as Dual Autographs, Triple Autographs, Future Stars Autographs and Trifecta - which features three pieces of game-used memorabilia with an autograph. Returning for yet another year are tried-and-true sets including Game-Used Stick & Autograph, Game-Used Jersey & Autograph, Paper Cuts, Lumbergraphs and the Ultimate Holy Grail - a card featuring a cut signature from Lord Stanley of Preston, the donor of hockey's greatest honor.

2005-06 In The Game Ultimate Memorabilia 6th Edition The Ultimate Redemption

The wait for collectors is over as In The Game is proud to present details about the highly anticipated Ultimate Redemption Program.

It's really simple, but the challenge is huge. T are five different base card sets made up of 100 cards in the Ultimate Memorabilia 6th Edition product. One of the base sets has an insertion number of nine of each card and features a design that pays tribute to the classic Canadian Chewing Gum release from the 1933-34 season.

Each card has a letter on the front of it as seen in the sample below. All you have to do is spell out the words ULTIMATE MEMORABILIA with the letters. It will take 19 individual cards to complete this task.

Once you have collected these cards, they must be submitted to In The Game for redemption. You will not get your cards back, they will be retained by In The Game.

How do you know which of the game-used memorabilia you have redeemed for? That too is easy as the letter "U" can only be found on the Mario Lemieux card. All the cards in the Ultimate Memorabilia are slabbed inside In The Game plastic holders and each one is labeled with not only the card number but also the Ultimate Number. The Mario Lemieux cards are numbered 00001/12,500 to 00009/12.500 and this determines what piece of game...

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