~~ 2005 & 2006 NICKEL ROLLS 4 P&D of EACH 12 BOXES ~~

You are bidding on or buying twelve (12) two roll P&D U.S. Mint Sets. Four (4) 2005 Bison Nickel 2 Roll Sets, Four (4) Ocean In View Nickel 2 Roll Sets and Four (4) 2006 Return To Monticello Nickel 2 Roll Sets . Each set has one roll of 40 coins with the “P” mint mark and one roll of 40 coins with the “D” mint mark. Each nickel roll is packaged in a specially-designed United States Mint paper coin wrap. They will be shipped to you UNOPENED and SEALED in their original U.S. Mint White Boxes , so you will be the first to see the inside of the boxes, just as if you had ordered them from the Mint yourself , I guarantee it. T are two rolls in each sealed box x 12 for a Total of 24 Rolls or 960 Nickels! This price is less than what the US Mint sold them for when they came out.

More Westward Journey Rolls!

The rolls pictured are just to show you what they will look like once you open each box. I am the original owner of these boxes I received them straight from the mint. So they are not beat up from being passed around a bunch of times, you will be the second owner of these boxes and the first one to see inside (if you open them).

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Coins wrapped at the U.S. Mint are generally superior to those shipped in mint bags or bank wrapped for the Federal Reserve. It is very difficult
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