The 2005 Chief Justice JOHN MARSHALL Coin and Chronicles Set

The2005 Chief Justice JOHN MARSHALL Coin and Chronicles Set

This 2005 Chief Justice John Marshall Coin and Chronicles Set includes a Chief Justice John Marshall Uncirculated Silver Dollar, an intaglio print of a statue of the

Chief Justice produced by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, and a booklet about Marshall written by the Supreme Court Historical Society.

About John Marshall

On February 4, 1801, John Marshall became the fourth Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States. During John Marshall's 34 years as Chief Justice, the
Supreme Court grew in strength and value.

In 1803, only two years after Marshall became Chief Justice, the Court gave its now-famous opinion on the case called Marbury versus Madison. This decision
held that the judicial branch of the government has the right to overturn an act of Congress if the Court finds that the act does not agree with the U.S. Constitution.
This principle, called "judicial review," is still an important principle in Constitutional law.

Marshall was born on the Virginia frontier. He fought in the Revolutionary War before he became a successful lawyer and, later, was elected to the House of Representatives. President John Adams appointed him Secretary of State and then Chief Justice.

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